Eyelash Extensions in Columbus, Ohio

The eyes are the window to the soul, and that’s why it’s important to let your gaze speak. Sparse eyelashes result in an older, tired appearance, making the hassle of false lashes an eye makeup necessity for many. Lash extensions at Lotus Elite Aesthetics define and shape the eyes, while simplifying your beauty routine.

Our skilled lash technicians use individual lashes to build both natural volume and length. We create the custom look you desire, from a subtle enhancement to bold and dramatic lashes. This is done by taking small sections of your existing lashes and lifting them with a special adhesive. These lifted lashes are then attached to new ones, creating a fuller looking lash line.

Lash extensions are a great addition when combined with other services such as, eyebrow microblading, and facials. With our advanced techniques, we can achieve results that last up to six weeks!

Close up of eyelash extensions.

Eyelash styles


  • Full set – $150
  • Two-week fill – $70
  • Three-week fill – $90


  • Full set – $170
  • Two-week fill – $80
  • Three-week fill – $100


  • Full set – $190
  • Two-week fill – $90
  • Three-week fill – $110

Book now and let your eye lashes take center stage!

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